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Thread: Murder/Suicide at Gun Range.

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    Taken from Fox News:

    " CASSELBERRY, Fla.— A Florida woman fatally shot her son and then turned the gun on herself at a central Florida gun range, authorities said.[/b]

    Marie Moore, 44, of Altamonte Springs and her 20-year-old son, Mitchell, were sharing a firing lane at the Shoot Straight range Sunday, Casselberry police said. Shooters in an adjacent lane said the mother and son seemed to be getting along fine. A security video shows Moore walk up behind her son, point a revolver at the back of his head and fire a single shot, police said. She then put the gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

    The son died at the scene, and the mother died later at the hospital. Family members told police that Moore had a history of mental illness.

    The gun was rented from the shooting range. "

    Its the crazy people that give us law abiding gun owners a bad name. Sad.

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