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    I live in wisconsin and im 19and I am looking to get a handgun, mostly for shooting at the ranges because i enjoy shooting, but also wouldnt mind open carrying from time to time. The problem is my parents wont allow me to get one unless i can show them i can legally own one since you have to be 21 to buy one. Can someone let me know what the age restrictions are on open carrying and where i can find it to show them, ive been looking for a about a week and cant find anything on age restrictions. Thanks Kevin

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    retzlaff wrote:
    Can someone let me know what the age restrictions are on open carrying and where i can find it to show them,
    There are no age restrictions per se on Open Carrying, but there are on obtaining a firearm. IIRC IANAL you will have to be gifted a gun.

    You will not find open carrying affirmatively permitted in the law but permitted only as a conclusion of law. The Wisconsin Constitution guarantees the right to carry a gun for lawful purposes while Wisconsin Statutes prohibit concealed carry, which makes open carry the only way to exercise your Article I Section 25 right.

    Here is the whole of Wisconsin Statute law

    Here are the codes and regulations

    The Department of Natural Resources is very involved in age restrictions on firearms, when, where and how.

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    Yeah man it's the stuppidest law ever! Clear violation of yours and my second ammendment rights. I'm 19 too, last spring my dad bought a pistol for himself to carry while deer hunting. Early this fall I bought an AKM so he decided to gift me the pistol (since I used more than he did lol there fun to shoot!) and he could use my AKM for deer hunting. Pretty sweet deal! Good luck, look around ask and make sure you test fire a good number of pistols before you buy!


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    Suggestion - making the title more on-point, like "19 y/o legal to OC?" will attract more attention and responses.

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