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Thread: Gun discusion at water aerobics

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    This is mostly over 60 crowd mixed men and women. A lot of chatting goes on while exercising. Three or four of us guys usually get together and talk guy stuff. Among other thing it gets to guns, protection, and shooting. One of the ladies came buy and asked how long does ammo last. We gave her what we thought as the correct answer. She seemed satisfied with the answer and moved on. After class she was still in the pools so I went over the ask her why she asked that question.

    She went on to explain the she lived alone and had a 9mm pistol and a shot gun. She also said the had tried to get a cpl two or three times to no avail but that it was some years ago. And that the ammo was getting old.

    I brought her up to date on the new laws. And encouraged her to reapply for her CPL and get training. I think I'll go get the packet for her. It just a few miles from my home and not out of my way.

    A few minutes later her daughter came by, age about 25 or so. She added that she never could touch a gun. Let alone use one. Then she volunteered " I don't think I could have shot the guy that was raping me." In my mind I said WTF lady.

    I thought of all of the clever rebuttals and one liners to say but thought better. This was not the time or place. She had more a fear of a gun than being rapped.

    After a short discussion she said she would like to go with her mother and at least take classes in handling and gun safety.

    Next class Friday I'll take class information for the both of them.

    One step at a time .

    I hope them the best
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    LaVere wrote:
    " I don't think I could have shot the guy that was raping me."*

    :what: ..... wow.....

    anyway, good work. hopefully the mother will get her CPl and the daughter will gain a new understanding

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