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Last Monday early in the AM, I had to call 911 on behalf of a friend's neighbor who suddenly burst into the apartment. This poor girl was seriously beaten and distraught and hysterical because her boyfriend had eaten all her meds, threatened to kill himself and her, and she was genuinely afraid for her safety. So I asked her if she wanted me to call the police, she said yes I did so.
Long story short, I had little idea what the exact address was, so I went down to the parkinglot to wait for the police. The whole time I was on the line with a 911 operator, relaying her details as I learned them, and keeping an eye out for this guy since he had ran off. The operator asked for my personal information and if I had any weapons. I told her that I did, since I'm a disabled and homeless veteran and have my collection in my car, all securely cased unloaded and out of the passenger compartment. she asked me what guns I had, and I told her about my M1, SLR-95, Mosin Nagants, and three handguns. I told her I'm very familiar with Denver and Colorado firearms laws, and I made sure I was compliant before arriving in Denver. I told her I had no idea what was in the apartments, or what the people there had, as I was only there to rest and drop off my friend. The operator noticed that I was freezing, and even after learning of my firearms, told me to sit in my car to warm up until the officers arrived. she kept me on the line until the officers got there... all 4 of them. They did the normal bit in asking me to exit the car, and a young female officer proceeded to interview me. they asked me briefly about my guns and if they were unloaded and cased, and then moved on quickly to questions about the neighbor girl. then they went up to the apartment, and told me I could either wait in my car or come with them. I opted to wait, and after they were done the female officer wrote down my name and ph# for her report. not once did they ask to see my ID or ask to search my person or car. this I found was completely contrary to what I've heard about Denver police concerning citizens and privatey-owned firearms, especially when they're being transported in vehicles.
I know that in any other big city I've lived in, my car and pockets wouldve been thoroughly tossed, and the police wouldve been much more interested in me than the poor girl I called for. I dont feel that these four Denver cops were being lax by not searching me or looking at my ID, only that they quickly decided that I posed no threat and was being completely truthful. But like I said; in Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Tampa, Miami, or Pittsburg, I wouldve been thoroughly searched, physically detained temporarily "for our safety", and possibly had my firearms confiscated regardless of them being completely legal and secured. I dunno, maybe these particular officers were the exception to the norm, but I think my experience fully illustrates the benefit of promptly & truthfully informing the police dispatcher of anything responding officers need to be aware of so there are no surprises. I know as fact that police hate surprises, and especially attempts at hiding the truth when it comes to things that could do serious harm to them.