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Thread: Am travelling through CA; what gun should I carry?

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    I have several revolvers. Which one should I carry to maximize my looking like a good guy? I have a Smith No. 10, a Ruger Redhawk, a Smith Nightguard and my "little friend?--a Smith 340. The No 10 makes me look like a retired cop, the Redhawk like a hunter, and the 340 is barely noticeable.

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    Have you studied up on the gun laws for California?

    I suggest that you get the pamphlets and handouts in the California forum and then go and read the actual penal codes for yourself beforecarrying in California.

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    +1 to making sure you don't get an extended stay courtesy of one of our District Attorneys.

    As for which gun you carry... I suggest carrying the one you like the least. We've only had one person not get their gun back, but the possibility is there.
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