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    The Missouri house passed a measure granting CCW rights to students on campus. It is now headed for the senate.

    There is a poll at asking if this is good or bad.

    Since it is about pending legislation, this poll could possibly have real consequences if any legislators are watching.

    Please help! The poll is about halfway down on the right side of the screen. I didn't post a link in order to avoid link tracking.

    Just put into your browser.

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    Looks like they nuked it. Probably because they weren't getting enough anti gun votes. Works for me.
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    I just went to thiswebsite. It would seem that they now have a poll u asking if we think the economy is rebunding or if it will contine to fall.

    Almost exactly even. 179 votes said it is rebounding, 181 votes said it till hasn't hit rock bottom, 123 votes said they didn't know.

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