Not sure if y'all saw this yet, but it was posted over on "snipercentral". I think i might be moving on up when I hit my DOS

mele wrote:
Here you go... this one is being introduced into the MT house of reps...

It is a house resolution (not a law) to declare that montana is a sovereign state and the constitution says that all powers not specifically outlined in the constitution for the federal gov't are given to the state, not the other way around.

Interesting reading, we'll see how it does when up for vote


If the GOV. signs it, do you think it will actually be enforced from the highest state level down the city cops? Or at least the majority of the state.

Any info on the Gov? from the minimal research I've gathered he was pro-CCW on college campus's, right before the election anyways. He has an A rating from the NRA(almost meaningless IMHO), and has stated in relation to guns rights "In Montana, we also have a responsibility to protect your rights to access, for fishing, for hunting, for camping", which can be seen here:

Seems he supports self-defense right before the election, and otherwise only seems to protect sporting purposes(not the true Constitutional intent). Well it's a while before the next election so there's less public pressure...It's a coin toss IMO.