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Thread: Contact your Representative - assault weapons ban

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    Contact your Representative - assault weapons ban

    To get contact information for your Representative, click on this link
    and then click on your Representative's name:

    Don't forget to also send a FAX. It takes a little more time, but is well worth it.
    Call too if you have the time.
    Be polite and professional.

    Here is the message I just sent via web-form to my Representative:

    Dear Representative (insert name):

    I am writing to request that you oppose any legislation which may attempt to "renew the assault weapons ban."

    It has come to my attention that Representative Nancy Pelosi has recently commented that such legislation may be offered.

    As your constituent, I STRONGLY oppose any attempt to impose new (or renewed) limits on any of the firearms-related items which were previously the subject of the expired 1994-2004 "assault weapons ban."

    I will be watching this issue with great scrutiny. I thank you for your service, and urge you to likewise maintain a keen lookout for any such intrusive legislation.

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    Relevant reasoning per VCDL:

    ************************************************** **
    1. Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggests "compromise" AWB might be in the works
    ************************************************** **

    On ABC's "Good Morning America," Nancy Pelosi said that Congress will
    work to find some middle ground on a new "assault weapon" ban.

    She suggests that a new AWB might entail registration and limits on
    the transportation of some weapons across state lines. (We all know
    how well licensing and registration stops drunk drivers, don't we?
    The murderer in New York WAS licensed and his guns WERE registered,
    yet he created the worst carnage of any of the recent shootings.)

    Pelosi admits that the DC vs Heller ruling would have some impact on
    such legislation. (You bet it would - semi-automatic rifles are
    exactly the kind of firearm that the Second Amendment was meant to

    The Speaker revealed a lot of her own mentality with the following

    "...we have to rid the debate of the misconceptions people have about
    what gun safety means." Hmmm - I'll bet she wants to reeducate you
    and me to understand that gun safety doesn't mean handling a gun
    correctly, but it means for us to bow at the altar of gun control.

    " ...we have the debate in Congress over the District of Columbia
    wanting a vote on the Floor of the House...that's a civil rights
    issue...and yet they want to put a draconian gun bill...attach that to
    the [DC bill]..." So, the right to keep and bear arms is NOT a civil
    rights issue, Ms. Pelosi? And requiring that DC not ban guns is

    Nancy Pelosi is NO friend of gun owners. But she is a very astute
    politician. She needs to get the message that attempting another AWB
    will cost her the House majority, just like it did her Democratic
    predecessor during the Clinton years.

    Let's contact Congress and let our Representatives know that gun
    owners are not in the mood to have any more gun restrictions placed on
    them, especially because of the actions of violent criminals and the
    mentally insane. The recent shootings show that current laws are too
    restrictive as is - limiting how good people can protect themselves
    from those who would harm them.

    To get contact information for your Representative, click on this link
    and then click on your Representative's name:

    Here is the article, with a link to the video of the interview (which
    isn't very long). Thanks to Stephen P. Wenger for the link:

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    Pelosi's positions are those of an empowered idiot. Unfortunately, there is alot of power behind her positions.

    Registration and not crossing state lines at a minimum - what about the Right to Travel? What is the purpose of registration except as a pre-cursor to confiscation and to create more potential traps for people to get caught up in the legal and prison systems.

    Why is there a concerted effort by the AP and ABC to promote slanted and even propagandistic media in support of Holder's rumoring about reinstating the AWB - ?

    What's in it for them?

    And has it occurred to anyone that Obama's "Let's disarm the nukes; y'all first; we'll go last" position is basically the same as the position of the armed citizen?

    I agree it's time to hit the politicians hard; they love their jobs as much as any of us love our guns.

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    What district does my county fall under? I feel really dumb asking that question, but I did anyway.

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