The Cali Const clearly reads that the U.S.Const " the supreme law of the land." Therefore,legally, theU.S. constitution trumps all California rules, codes, legislation. The U.S. supr crt justices clearly decided in the Heller case, that the Right to bear Arms is an 'individual Right'....and that Citizens had this Right long before the Constitution was written, and Citizens have this Right today.

And in the Miranda case, the justices have clearlydecided that no rule, code, or legislation can interfer w/ our fundamental Rights.

It is my belief thatthese 2 decisionstrump 'all California codes' regarding'arms'. I thought I'd ask my 'guvt' servants if my belief is accurate.

I wrote the LA districit Attorney's office to obtain 'clarification' of the Heller case as it pertains to me excersing my Rights here in Cal. They wrote bac, "we do not give legal advise." I then walked into the San Luis Obispo's DA office . Asked the desk clerk to see a DA to inquire about the Heller decision, combined w/Miranda. Clerksaid, "We do not give out legal advice." I then asked her, "Is killing someone illegal?" She said, "Of course it is." I responded, "I though u didn't give legal advice?"

I then ventured in the San Luis Obispo police dept. An officer said my agrument is for the courts cuz"this police dept.only recognizes the Cal Penal Code." (lol) Then he asked me, "What do you mean, God given Rights?" When i rolled my eyes, he then says, "What's with all this fascination w/ Rights." (LOL)

Cops are ignorant...and they are not your friends. (LOL)