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Thread: WY Holsters and Basic Law Q's

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    Will be new to WY in the coming months. Have a few questions:

    1. I noticed it takes 6 months from what I undrestand to establish residency in the state before one can apply for a concealed permit, thus do most of you carry with a OWB holster? Can you carry with a IWB as long as one's weapon can been seen?

    2. What part or how much of one's weapon needs to be "seen" to be leagally considered open carry? Basically how much can be concealed prior to it being considred "concealed"?

    3. Any laws that should be award of with open carry? I have read what I can find and in WY there isn't really a written open carry law, thus it's defination is somewhat unknown and coming from a concealed state it is all new to me.My questions are more of "what does open carry legally look like"vs "what concealed carry legally looks like". WIll certainly read the threads in the WY forum for reseach.

    I appreciate the feedback.

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    1.) Every thing I'm about to type ismy opionion and interpretation. I'm not a lawyer nor am I a Law Enforcement Officer. You should research statutes and if you feel the need, call the Sheriff's office of the town your going to (though they dont always know the laws all that great). But, I live in Wy and carry every day, every where, all the time. This is my experience.

    2.) What part of Wyoming are you going to be in??

    3.) Well, you pretty much answered your own question. Wyoming has NO laws against open carry. If your weapon is not concealed than you can carry openly. There is no law about how much needs to be shown. If you can see the weapon then its not concealed. BUT, I would be smart about it. IWB with a tucked in shirt will probablybe fine. OWB is probably better. I carry all the time OWB. I have never had anyone say anything to me about it, except for friends asking me about what kind of pistol I have.

    Wyoming is a very gun friendly state. If your smart and respectful then chances are very good that nothing will happen. If it does, well, thats just bad luck. I know my answer was kinda vague, but its really the only answer. Hope your have a fun and safe trip!!

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