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    The OPEN Carry CT board has somehow evolved into a Clubs business Forum.

    I think it's great that some of you have formed a group and have meetings, but is this really the place to conduct that groups business?

    Personally, I enjoyed the forums here when people we ask questions or relate experiences, now I mostly see group meeting minutes, fund raising..etc.

    Take care and good luck in your en devours.

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    Well we do ask questions and relate experiences as well dberner, keep in mind the more clubs that form that are pro gun rights, the stronger our cause. is the place where we all met and decided to get active with each other, so I will extend an invitation to join us here: if you like. We need help.

    On the other hand, a if you don't wish to discuss groups that form,or other related matters that pertain to rights via the strength of these groups, I understand dberner...

    Keep in mind, the act ofOpen carrying will become a serious issue for the group, it already is to many of the members.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes.

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