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Thread: Big Daddy Leather doing it again

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    Doug at Big Daddy Leather in Fredericksburg is sponsoring another Gun Safety and Concealed Carry Class again. I'm posting this in case any one here is interested.

    Upcoming BDL events:

    20 April 2009 – Gun Safety andConcealed CarryCourse
    Course will cover both Virginia and Utah Concealed Carry
    Call for pricing and class info 540-899-0048 or 703-981-8497

    Registration:Open to the first 16who pay deposit

    Start time: 6PM until finished
    Location: Big Daddy Leather, Fredericksburg

    Call them for cost and class info. Phone numbers are above.

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    I was there today. Looked like they had about half a page of names on the sign-up sheet, IIRC.

    Good on 'em!

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    Apologies for digging up an old thread, wanted to pass along the unfortunate news that Big Daddy Leather has closed.

    Big Daddy Leather closes


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