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Thread: Open Carry in Lafayette/surrounding areas

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    Hi Everyone,

    Well I just picked up my first handgun for carry today. I decided on a Glock 19 and honestly can't wait to carry.

    I am registering for a class on the 26th of April for my CCW training, but I wanted to know if anyone from the Lafayette area has had any problems with OC. I just moved up here from Denver and I'm not extremely versed in the city laws. I have been reading about the ups and downs of Boulder, and I just hope that Lafayette isn't similar. I really never go into Boulder unless I'm running there quick for work, so I don't think that will be a problem until I get my CCW permit.

    Anyways, I'd love to hear any experiences people have had in the Lafayette area..


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    Can't speak for OC experiences in the Lafayette area but for the most part no one here has much trouble throughout Colorado, maybe a hiccup or two. Just stay out of Denver (No OC allowed).

    And........welcome to OCDO!
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