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Thread: Traveling to Charlottesville, Virginia--quick primer needed

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    I'm going to be in C'ville Friday-Monday of this week and amanOhio CCW holder. Is it still a requirement that I OC in my car and alcohol-serving restaurants? I would always prefer to OC, but know that sometimes it must be covered (i.e. in Ohio vehicle if on person).

    Any other advice would be appreciated. I plan on printing out the two letters on this site re: OC in restaurants and carry them with me, but they are 2002 and 2003 so I fear they might be dated.

    I remember from living there that it is a very "liberal" city, and I don't mean in terms of gun-laws, but rather the views of the over-educated population. So, should I be concerned about LEO harassment and/or rampant citizen MWAG reports?

    Must the establishment post publicly a "No Firearms" sign, or how do I know if they do not allow OC? I hope I don't have to go in and ask the proprietor...

    Are there other no-OC sites I should be aware of? I'm assuming all State/U.Va. property is off-limits, I almost got kicked out of grad-school in '92 for having a firearm on campus property, so am now extra-careful.

    Thx all.

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    Virginia and Ohio share reciprosity agreements; you might want to review these areas first for CC'ing here. As for open carry, there are no laws against this so it is the default mode of carry here. Since you have an Ohio permit, I'm sure you can CC, or OC if that is your wish, in your car or on your person. As for establishments with ABC-ON (alcohol served for consumption on the premises), you must OC there if you are to carry at all.

    Businesses may post as they see fit and whether or not you chose to honor their wishes is your decision to take. Since they have no power in law, you can only be asked to leave, which you should immediately in order to avoid any chance of being arrested for trespassing. If you are concealed, then who would know? You decision on this one.

    As for UVA grounds, as I understand the laws, you may carry there open or concealed since you are not a student. I would suggest CC'ing just to avoid any stops or hassles.

    Hopefully someone from C-ville will soon chime in and fill in the blanks and/or correct my statements where needed and if needed.

    Hope you enjoy your stay and return to visit other parts of our fine state.

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