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Thread: Empty Holster Event FYI

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    Here is an e-mail I got at the Public Safety Department I work for. I am glad to see even liberal arts students are able to see the benefits of carrying a firearm. I wonder if my boss will let me wear my holster

    I just wanted to remind all parties involved of

    As Linfield's campus leader of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, I
    am joining thousands across the country in protesting state and college
    laws that prohibit concealed carrying of legal weapons past an imaginary
    line. In doing so, I will be wearing an EMPTY holster the week of April
    20-24. The emptiness of the holster represent defenselessness we have
    against attack here and anywhere legal citizens with proper paper work
    are infringed upon. While most see handguns as dangerous weapons, some
    see handguns as a useful tool that can prevent crime, just as we have
    fire extinguishers although we do not expect fires, and most are not
    trained to use them. Even with the PD closer, it takes seconds to begin
    just as it takes seconds to end. Now, however, we are sitting targets
    for anyone who may have bad intentions. Knowing that campus security
    cannot prevent attacks, and police cannot monitor every class room, the
    worst way to prevent an attack is to disarm those who are law abiding.
    Thank you for reading and if you feel the student body should be aware,
    feel free to forward this message.

    A Linfield Student

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    WOW- good job, let us know how it runs out...

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