Hello all, Being new to this forum I have to hand it to you guys and gals for making this such a great place to gain knowledge & insight into the ever changing laws regarding OC. Thanks again. Now for my question : I'm travelling to Inyo National Forest next weekend for the trout opener and was wondering about the specific laws that will apply to me. I know from reading that UOC is well within my rights, however it was also read that if going directly to and coming directly from a hunting/fishing expedition, that LOC was ok. Just for the record, I am a licensed fisherman in the state of California and possess valid Identification as well as a registered (clean) firearm. I will be hiking quite a distance from any structures, roads, ect.... to catch my prized browns and would feel a little more comfortable knowing that I'm well within my rights of carrying a loaded firearm at my side. Thanks again and keep up the good work.