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Thread: Wisconsin Public Radio to AGAIN discuss open cary: 6-9AM (central) on Wed 22 April 09

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    Post imported post "For Program On: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 6:00 AM
    The message this week from the state Attorney General is, "You shouldn’t be arrested in Wisconsin just for openly carrying a firearm". After six, Joy Cardin’s guest says “open carry” of firearms is a bad idea... and he’s worried there’s a feverish interest in firearms today, fueled by fear. Guest: Stan Stojkovic (STOY-ko-vich), Dean, Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, UW-Milwaukee."

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    Listen live at click on a listen link underneath "WPR's Ideas Network"

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    I listened to this today and the guest speaker just personally made me sick. It seemed as if he was trying to promote an impartial atmosphere but didn't understand his own hipocricy.

    My favorite was his take on fears. He said some of the callers had irrational fears and some had real fears. He however got it backwards.

    A fewwomen called in stating they were worried about several things. One stated starting at about13:50 minutes in: "... Suppose a kid hits this guy accidently you know with his softball or kickball or something and the guy who was probably got his walkman on and his gun to his hip just automatically without thinking reached out pulled his gun out and shot the kid... "

    Thefear that a law biding citizen will suddenly just shoot something at the slightest noise or touch; despiteevidence to the contrary,is a RATIONAL fear according to the guest.

    However the fear that there are people out there who will take advantage of people. Break into cars, sexually assault others, rob, etc. is an IRRATIONAL fear. Even, according to the guest speaker, in high crime areas a fear of crime is IRRATIONAL.


    See everyone here on You don't need guns. This proffessor pointed out the obvious. A fear of Criminals and Crimeis IRRATIONAL however a fear of Citizens who follow the lawis RATIONAL.


    Also according to the Dane County,Police officer at 38:40 Minutes. If you upset someone or disturb someone based on what you are wearing "...You are gonna get arrested... you're gonna lose it" The guest speaker thought this is a correct policy.

    I really have to wonder if people listen sometimes to what they say. How can you listen to that and not connect the dots in your head.

    Free Speech is a DIRECT action by an individual and we allow it despite whether or not that speech upsets us. Sometimesfree speechis even designed to upset us. Yet an INDIRECT action such as wearing a tool on our belt should be strictly regulated and forbidden if it upsets someone.

    The right to not be disturbed or upset by anothers actions is not in the Constitution. The right to Keep and BEAR arms is. The right to LIVE is. The first is required in this society to insure the latter.

    Side Note: I think I'm going to start lobbying for cops to no longer pull me over or approach me in anyway whether or not I did something illegal. Their uniforms and the various tools they wear on their belt upset me and cause me great fear of authority. Disturbing Peace Charges for Peace Officers! Yay!

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