I'm asking because I'm from CA. even though it effects us all I just want to make sure I'm not over stepping anything. I'm sending the following E-mail thatI typed up real quickto CBS58.


I hope that your Station will do responsible reporting on this matter of LEGALLY Openly Carrying firearms. If you do your research you will see that what the Chief and other LE Officials have said/Ordered is a gross violation of Civil Rights. What these people have said and instructed their "TROOPS" to do is Criminal and Tyrannical. Criminals DO NOT OPEN CARRY, and they WILL NOT open carry because it will always draw attention to them even if a lot of people are doing it.

For Example: If by chance an officer stops said criminal to check his weapons because of a report of other criminal activity in the area, and they fit the description they are SCREWED. No criminals want to open carry their ILLEGAL GUNS. Most guns used in crimes are stolen or illegally imported into the Untied States. Rarely does somebody with criminal intent have the clean record, means, and stupidity to legally buy a gun.

Please don't go along with what is CLEARLY wrong because you think it is what is popular. Crooked Politicians and other Officialscan always get away with murder as long as they can count on lazy or propaganda style reporting. I couldn't believe you let the Chief get away with " a man walking into a little league game with his AK47" and other remarks.

I hope you will do fair and balanced reporting and allow both sides equal time and competent deliverers. Open Carryis LEGALand ONLY exercised by responsible productive citizens of the Untied States. PLEASE DO NOT let Officials lie and mislead the Public with their personal tyrannical views. DO NOT let them mix gang and other highly ILLEGAL criminal activity with that of law abiding Citizens. The FACT is that with the majority of law abiding People ARMED, nobody can just walk into anywhere and just kill up 20 people. Because their "victims" will have a great equalizer on their person that they can quickly use to cut a mad mans futile mission VERY short. How long do you think it would take to stop a crazed shooter that walks into a class of 30 to kill them, when 15 students are armed??

I hope you guys think about some of the stuff I have said, do your research, report responsibly, give people the TRUTH, and NOT let Officials use your station to confuse and mislead the Public.

Thank you for you time

A Concerned Citizen From California

Oh what the hell i sent it, I hope you gys will do the same!