From Jim Snyder's 4/22/2009 VCDL Alert email:

Thanks to everyone who's contacted the statewide candidates and urged
them to answer the VCDL Candidate Survey. Be sure to CALL their
offices, don't rely only upon email.

I understand that Steve Shannon's (D - AG) website is not working
properly for sending him email and Michael Signer's (D - Lt Gov) mailbox
is full. That is another reason to follow up with a phone call.

Many of you have forwarded to me the response you received from Jody
Wagner, one of three Democratic candidates for Lt Governor:

"While I support the Second Amendment rights of Virginians, I also
believe it is our responsibility to keep guns out of the hands of
criminals. I believe Virginia's current gun laws are adequate, and
that our focus should be on enforcing them. I appreciate you
taking the time to contact my campaign."

What has she really said? Well, NOTHING. She doesn't give you a clue
as to what her real position is and how she might vote on bills that
could come before her if she's elected. Does she believe that in order
to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, you too should be prohibited
from possessing guns? Or that you should jump through all sorts of
draconian roadblocks just to buy a gun?

As one person wrote me, "Clever wording, but, clearly not a pro-gun
advocate...What she’s saying is that we don’t need to “fix” the current
bad laws such as the restaurant ban." Or repeal one handgun a month gun
rationing. Or repeal the unreasonable FBI fingerprint registration of
Concealed Handgun Permit applicants. The list goes on......

Responses from Terry McAuliffe's campaign, one of three Democratic
candidates for Governor, have also been forwarded to me:

"Thanks for your message and for following up on the VCDL Survey.
Terry is a gun owner and a hunter, and he fully supports 2nd
amendment rights. He thinks Virginia's current laws strike the
right balance. He believes we need to enforce the laws that we
have - and this means closing the gunshow loophole in order to
ensure that guns don't end up in the hands of convicted felons,
perpetrators of domestic abuse, or people who have been adjudicated
mentally ill and dangerous."

This is another cleverly worded, but meaningless response. He wants to
enforce current laws by enacting new laws? Just what is his real
agenda? Why doesn't he answer the VCDL Candidate Survey and make his
position known to the voters?

That's why it's important to ignore the meaningless "motherhood & apple
pie" type of statements ("I support the Second Amendment...") and to get
all the candidates to answer the survey. Then, and only then, can you
determine just what they mean when they say, "I support the Second

Most of the questions in the survey relate to legislation that has come
before the General Assembly in the last few years or is likely to come
before it in the near future. As office holders, they will likely take
a position on this legislation and you need to know what they may do.

Please be sure to call their campaign office and urge them to return the
VCDL Statewide Candidate Survey.

Thanks for all your help!

Link to VCDL Survey:

List of candidates who have not returned the VCDL Survey as of 4/21/2009:

Candidates for Governor

Creigh Deeds (D) 434-202-8931 804-355-5511
Terry McAuliffe (D) 571-633-4800
Brian Moran (D) 703-370-4011703-300-9508

Candidates for Lt Governor

Jon Bowerbank (D) 703-549-5254276-596-9642
Michael Signer (D) 703.229.1222
Jody Wagner (D) 757-325-9608

Candidates for Attorney General

David Foster (R) 703-349-2820
Steve Shannon (D) 703-218-3501

I personally called the Foster (voicemail), Shannon, Wagner & Terry McAuliffe campaigns this morning. The campaign volunteers were sounding concerned in some cases when I informed them thousands of VA gun owners will be relying on the VCDL Survey to learn their positions on issues important to us.

PLEASE: Even if you are not a registered Democrat and/or Dem. state party delegate CALL these campaigns and inform them they must answer the questions on the survey in order to receive the support of gun owners in Virginia.

Be Polite and Be Firm. No Answers to Survey = No Support from thousands of VA gun owners.