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Thread: HUMOR: Do you love to shoot rag head targets at point blank?

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    The video game consists of shooting people in the face, which immediately reminded me of shooting my rag head targets (with real rag on the head!) in various places.

    The video is more of a "wtf" and some humor. The video game isn't too far off from what real video games are like... especially since video games are complete and utter waste of time... People fighting a computer algorithm just baffles me.
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    My targets are all fursuit pieces.

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    That game looks like it ROCKS! And Close Range 2, Chainsaw Dawn? Fantastic!!!!
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    I suggested that using a picture of Nancy Pelosi or some of the SCOTUS Justices as my target produced better results and got thoroughly raked over the coals for even mentioning it. be careful calling anyone a rag head as some people may feel that it is derogatory and call you out on it.

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