Got this through the NRA. It's worth the yearly fee not to have to track down the emails myself. This is the letter I sent if anyone wants to use it or abuse it. Bassically I sent it to the entire Judiciary Comm. Lot's of complaints about the Castle Doctrine so lets get on this one! They meet on Thursday the 30th to discuss this.

SB 928

SB 987

Dear senator ....

Since you are serving on the NC Senate Judiciary II Committee I am writing to ask that you support SB 928. North Carolina needs a true Castle Doctrine law that would protect law abiding citizens that find themselves in the unfortunate situation where they need to defend themselves with force. Our Current laws are rather vague on when and how much force can be used. When someone is being attacked by a criminal it is not the time to have to decide what the right action would be. We need to take the protection away from the criminals and but it back with the law abiding citizens where it belongs.

Along similar lines I ask that you oppose SB 987. This bill states that it is to ensure "safe" storage of firearms, but renders them nearly useless for self defense in a home. I live in a small home and any law that requires that I lock my firearms up and keep them unloaded with the ammunition in a seperate locked location would render them useless in a defense situation.

Thank you for your time and service to the great state of North Carolina.

Judiciary II Comm. assignments.

State Senator Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. (R-36) - Chair

(919) 733-7223

State Senator Austin M. Allran (R-42) – Vice Chair

(919) 733-5876

State Senator Don Vaughan (D-27) – Vice Chair


State Senator Ed Jones (D-4) – Vice Chair

(919) 715-3032

State Senator Tom Apodaca (R-48)

(919) 733-5745

State Senator Bob Atwater (D-18)

(919) 715-3036

State Senator Stan Bingham (R-33)

(919) 733-5665

State Senator Charlie Smith Dannelly (D-38)
(919) 733-5955

State Senator Joe Sam Queen (D-47)
(919) 733-3460

State Senator Doug Berger (D-7)

(919) 715-8363

State Senator Julia Boseman (D-9)

(919) 715-2525

State Senator Katie G. Dorsett (D-28)

(919) 715-3042

State Senator James Forrester (R-41)

(919) 715-3050

State Senator W. Edward (Eddie) Goodall (R-35)

(919) 733-7659

State Senator Jim Jacumin (R-44)
(919) 715-7823

State Senator John Snow (D-50)
(919) 733-5875

State Senator A. B. Swindell (D-11)
(919) 715-3030

Go get 'em! Sorry for the long post.