We got there about 6:25pm, for the pre show. Stood in the very crowded lobby before the doors were opened to the public. A few :shock:, but nothing negative just surprised I thinkfrom two women attending together with their children.

Got into the show area for the pre show, found our floor seats, the event staff lady saw my sidearm, then looked at me and smiled, I returned the smile, and we proceeded to the inner circle of pre show events. My family and I walked around andgot some clown noses from one of the clowns throwing them at people. I grabbed two and put one on each ear, looked funny, I even made two or three clowns laugh.

I did plenty of walking around for snacks and restroom breaks and such, a few more:shock:looks, but nothing negative just surprised was how I took it, maybe the clown nose ear's helped to disfuse any negative comments.

End of show, we are heading out the main doors, I see two security guards hanging out by the exit,I walk right past them and smile and they smile back, then one of my noses fell off my ear, I bent down to pick it up, and the wife says the one armed guard gave me a very deliberate stare, but he did not say anything.

So all in all a good OC experience, but the circus was not that good, the past two years have been way better.

My sidearm was carried at my 2:30 position, which is where I like it in heavy crowds.