Hey ya'll
I'm from Eugene, but stationed in Va. I have Va CHP which as far as I know Or still doesn't recognize. But my question is when I come home leave can my wife and I oc in the Eugene/ Springfield area without a chp? The reason I ask is from reading on here and a oregon gun owner website that was linked on here awhile back that some localities ban oc unless you have a CHP. We have no plans to go anywhere else and the only time we would really go to the springfield area would be to go to the range at Mcgowan(spelling?) Up by shot gun creek. I'm hopefully gunna be able to get my Or DL once I get there since I still have my truck registred there and my DL got ruined when I was in the field so I had to get a VA one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We should be coming this summer hopefully but decemember at the latest since the family wants us to be there for the holidays which I haven't been there for like 5 yrs and hopefully when we get there we can meet up for lunch with some of you. Once again thanks.

Semper Fi