had a drawing and I won . They gave me a Kydex paddle holster for the glock20 (light bearing) and a Insight Procyon light. I had ordered a light holster for my FiveSeven a while back, so this was a nice surprise.

I really like both of the holsters. They have tension screws and they can be rotated to the right angle of draw. And they fit rail mounted lights (I use Streamlight TLR2 and Insight Procyon.) They are comfortable to wear all day and don't stick out too much for what they are. I use the Fiveseven in town and run the Glock 10mm in the woods. I wish they had a retention feature like the Blackhawks paddles, but the tension screw helps with that.

The Insight Procyon is the brightest LED flashlight I've used period. Brighter than the more expensive streamlight even. My big gripe is that is won't fit my rechargable batteries, but I will try a different brand and see if they fit. I really like the strobe function, good for disorienting the BG.

If you want a light holster for your pistol, check out sidearmor.