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Thread: I Guess I'm a Terrorist...

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    - I Love BOTH my Country AND my Constitutional Rights (2A Especially)

    - I am a Patriot

    - I support Ron Paul

    - I am a "Right-Winger"

    - I question unconstitutional practices of SOME police

    - I question unconstitutional laws of ALL Government Agencies

    - I will never surrender my guns to any Tyrannical Government

    Any other "Terrorists" out there?

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    let me preface this by saying, Im a constitutionalist voter, I voted for Chuck Baldwin in the last election, So I am on your side.

    Now, Heres the problem:....
    The Republicrats, and the elephanttard zombies, supported Bush on the Patriot Act. This gave the government lots of nasty powers to spy on the american people. And the whole time G-Dub was in office, the zombies were defending him, that this power was "needed for OUR security".

    NOW its our turn.... The government (still) has lots of nasty power that it can use against its own people, and suddenly, us "Right-wingers" are the ones in the cross-hairs; And NOW we are like,"Holy SH:what:!!" The government is coming after us!!!
    . Uh, ...............Yeah....

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    You're right GnGKlinger. Liberty is liberty. Bush wouldn't have made a pimple on Winston Churchill's backside. Churchill refused to allow torture or to mine the Irish ports because it would lower the Brits to the level of the Germans. It's just a shame that B O Plenty can get away with saying similar things.


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