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    After doing a bit of research today, I went to the Municipal Library for Henrico County, also known as their Law Library in the County Courthouse. Not only do they have copies of the VA Code (as do many of the county libraries) they have older versions of the codes as well. What I liked was after you read a certain section of the code, there is applicable case law. I also found in the Municipal Library, a binder, that several lawyers in VA have put together called "Virginia Gun Laws." In it they have listed all of Virginia Gun Laws to make it easier for research purposes. I know a lot of this information is available online, but for me I'd much rather go find it in print and have all that information right there in front of me. I figure this is a great resource for us, and especially for anyone who ends up in an unfortunate legal situation. They also have a law librarian who is VERY knowledgeable (she knew what section of the code I was looking for just by me giving her the section number). Just wanted to let you all know!

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    Perhaps the best on-line source is

    and for general info

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    Thanks for pointing out another good resource for us to be able to use.

    Brick&mortar law libraries are good, especially if you are "Shepardizing" a case - looking for every prior case decision related to the subject at hand. They are certainly cheaper than on-line subscriptions to Lexis-Nexus or WestLaw, but time consuming. has had a tremendous amount of research and explanation done for you. While it is by no means complete, it is a great start for basic information or building a case related to Virginia law.

    What I like is seeing someone post an article and their commentary, backed up by some good case law citation. They do not have to be absolutely correct, but is is a lot better than asking everybody for their uninformed opinions based on "feelings". If there is disagreement about the validity of the case law cited, it can be discussed by posting a link to what someone else believes is a more relevant decision, and then hashed out. Everybody gets to learn as the discussion progresses. Unsupported opinions just seems to waste time and energy.

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