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Thread: Would there be any interest in a Utah concealed firearm permit class in WV?

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    Proactive Shooters is a Richmond, VA based company that often travels to conduct the Utah CFP class.

    I'd like to gauge interest in this class if we were able to do one in WV. Please feel free to reply here with your thoughts...

    James Reynolds

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    How about some additionial details. For example:

    Which states would we "gain" with a Utah CFP in addition to the WV CHL?
    Class length?
    How long does it take to get the permit once the class is completed?
    Are fingerprints necessary?

    I can think of three people who may be interested and there are three gun shops in my immediate area who would most likely allow for some advertisement.

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    You'll add a couple: DE,MN,WA, and has all the answers. I have FL along w/WV and a few others so I only gain MN and WA, so it might not be worth it.

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