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Thread: Conflict in Utah Law?

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    Does anyone else see this as a conflict in the law?

    76-10-530. Trespass with a firearm in a house of worship or private residence -- Notice -- Penalty.

    (5) Nothing in this section permits an owner who has granted the lawful right of possession to a renter or lessee to restrict the renter or lessee from lawfully possessing a firearm in the residence.
    76-10-511. Possession of loaded firearm at residence or on real property authorized.

    Except for persons described in Section 76-10-503 and 18 U.S.C. Sec. 922(g) and as otherwise prescribed in this part, a person may have a loaded firearm:

    (1) at the person's place of residence, including any temporary residence or camp; or

    (2) on the person's real property.
    IMHO this next quoted section is in direct conflict with the two above sections.

    29-2-103. Innkeeper's rights -- Liability -- Prohibition on discrimination.

    (1) An innkeeper may:

    (a) refuse or deny accommodations, facilities, or privileges of a lodging establishment to any person who is:

    (v) in the reasonable belief of the innkeeper, bringing in property that may be dangerous to other persons, including firearms or explosives;

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    I don't see the conflict.

    One is talking about restrictions AFTER granting authorization to be there and the other is about PLACING RESTRICTIONS BEFORE GRANT AUTHORIZATION.... but it was just a quick read.

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