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    This deserve a ....:celebrate!

    After all the grief I have given her here I figured I would post it. Her biggest problem was "all the attention we would get." I've been telling her about how little attention I actually get. Told her she needs to go with me to see for herself. I started off just carrying in the car. Then started asking her if she wanted me to carry. That usually got some nasty looks.

    So today I asked and she said, "Do whatever you want." For a married man this is the most dangerous position to be in. Does she mean it? Or does she mean do whatever you want NOW and when we get back home I'll let you know what I think. So I asked again and got the same answer. Got back in the car and belted up.

    We had a grand total of 2 folks notice for sure on a packed Sat. at Walmart. Stopped to talk to my sister who works there and actually had to tell her, and show her I was carrying! Now that the ice is broken I will probably be carrying a lot more, since I was restricted to trips by myself before. Going for my CCP later this month, so if she gets uncomfortable with OC somewhere I can just cover it up then.

    Now to start grooming her to carry.

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    chiefjason wrote:
    Now to start grooming her to carry.
    Baby steps...

    The real test will be when/if you have a negative encounter.

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