Mike Stollenwerk sent a message to the members of Open Carry Movement [May 5, 2009]

Subject: NATO Doctrine in Effect: OC rights in Wisconsin under attack!

Just when we thought things were settlin’ down in Wisconsin’s carryland, Milwaukee [County] Alderman [in St. Francis] Ted Jarosh announced he wants to force gun owners to stay in the closet by passing a new stricter disorderly conduct ordinance!

Today John Pierce updated our Operation CarryLand fundraising page at http://www.opencarry.org/carryland.html to show us having raised $680 so far, not bad, but we need to shoot for $5,000+ overall to run radio ads around Wisconsin, and first we need $1,500+ just to blast Greater Milwaukee & target Milwaukee Alderman Ted Jarosh’s nutty idea.

Great News though - we now have an anonymous $500 matching donor - he/she will match up to the next $500 in contributions. So please all on this list, give tonight at http://www.facebook.com/l/ff15e;http...carryland.html by credit card - nobody needs to be a pay pal member to give. $10 or $25 is great - but if you or anybody you know has $100 or more to give, now would be the time to strike!

Also hit your email lists and friends and family - we need to move fast!!

NATO doctrine is in effect for residents of all states – an attack on one gun owner, is an attack on all gun owners!

So PLEASE give now at http://www.opencarry.org/carryland.html.

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Carry On!

Mike Stollenwerk