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    Ladies & Gentlemen, remember you read it here FIRST.

    This is the FIRST "OPEN CARRY" event in Western Wisconsin.

    There will be an "Open Carry" picnic, in a public park, in La Crosse County.

    The date is SET! May 17, 2009. The time is SET: 11:00 AM -- 3:30 PM.
    The location IS SET: contact me via PM for advanced location notice.

    The cost is FREE! However, donations to cover my expenses would be appreciated. Any actual proceeds from the gathering will be donated to Wisconsin Badger Camp.

    I should have fliers for ALL rod & gun clubs within 50 miles of La Crosse to put up by May 8; the location will be released to the general public at that time.. Spread the word to your members. PM me with email/shipping addresses for the fliers.

    Minnesota residents WELCOME!

    Brats, hotdogs, and hamburgers will be served. Soda and Kool-Aid to go along with.

    Fear NOT, the law enforcement jurisdiction falls under the La Crosse County Sherriff’s department, and I have it in writing, from the Sherriff, he will not harass or arrest for mere open carry.

    No school zone, no government building (we will have a tent), no problem.

    What to bring: Yourself, your family, your manners, your side arm.

    See you there...
    There is no such thing as truth, only perception.

    I'll let you know where as soon asI find out!

    Tony Espeseth

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