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    Back in February I posted how Island County Transit information about firearms was inconsistent within their own regulations and in violation of RCW 9.41.290 state preemption. Some of you asked to be kept posted. OK. In February I wrote a letter addressing all these problems with quotes from the RCW's and a copy of each.Did not here a word. In April I wrote another letter addressing the same issues and enclosed copies of everything, again nothing. Today I found an address for the Operations Manager. Wrote another letter, enclosing copies of everything again. However I also found a section on there site that says I will receive an acknowledgement within 3 days also if more time is needed I will receive another acknowledgement within 15 days, put all that in the letter.I will see how that goes. I do not expect anything from them so my next step will be to the Island County Commissioners with copies to the Island County Prosecuting Attorneyand maybe a copy of the letter from the state Attorney General to zcar Nickels.

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    I had the same problems with them over 10 years ago when I lived there. They tried to dance around the issue, and since I was moving out of state I never followed up with them. Looks like they are up to their usual tricks

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