Here is the link and below is the article in it's original. Lawmakers Discussing Handguns on Campus
Reported by: Jason Calder
Friday, May 8, 2009 @06:26pm CST

Texas lawmakers are taking aim at measures making it legal for those who are licensed to carry concealed weapons to be able to do so at state colleges and universities. A school administrator who's been in the public eye involving handguns agrees with the idea. Jason Calder spoke with him and Senator Craig Estes and has more.

The Texas House and Senate have three weeks to discuss several bills including one that would legalize concealed handguns at colleges and universities.

District 30 Senator Craig Estes said, "It makes Texas a safer place, including college campuses."

Estes, a co-author of Senate Bill 1164 said he doesn't see anything wrong with handgun license holders packing heat.

He said, "They pass criminal background checks, they completed a state required training and licensing course and they're responsible citizens."

The Harrold Independent School District and its Superintendent David Thweatt gained national attention when they implemented the Guardian Plan, allowing some faculty members to carry concealed handguns at their schools.

Thweatt said, "The guardian plan was modeled after the air marshal plan to where you don't know who's carrying a weapon which is what needs to happen in public schools."

Thweatt said it's the right thing for colleges and universities to do in light of other tragedies.

He said, "You're looking at someone who's going to be a first responder, somebody who can stop the assault and let's say that only one or two people get killed. That's better than 30 or whatever it was at Virginia Tech."

Estes said, "If the worst should happen anywhere and especially on a college campus, which has sadly happened in our nation, i would like someone there who is trained there to even the odds so that this is not a massacre."

When asked about creating a bill for secondary and smaller schools, Senator Estes said he's focused on the bill the way it is. He said he believes concealed handguns should be allowed just about anywhere except bars