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Thread: Pagans With Guns Weekend

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    I was talking with my friend about my new assignment and suddenly she chimes in about this site and how they are having a gun weekend. According to the Web site they are outside Wausau. 37&year=2009&month=05&day=22&Itemid=1&catids=14|15 |16|17

    Pagans With Guns Weekend
    From Friday, May 22 2009 - 08:00
    To Sunday, May 24 2009 - 17:00
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    time for the second annual Pagans with Guns weekend at Deeply Rooted. this is a weekend dedicated to the safe and resonable use of firearms as well as chatting about the issue of gun ownership and how such tools fit into the pagan subculture. the main event with be on saturday the 23rd but there will be some of us plinking around and talking shop the rest of the weekend. Jan will be around on the 23rd and he has by far the coolest stuff that he might let us use. however, as ammo is a bit pricey these days we will be asking for some additional cash from those using guns and rounds that they don't bring themselves so that Jan is not oging broke watching other folks fireing off. feel free to bring any legal weapon(s) you own(transported in the proper and legal manner of course). there is limited space in the community center and a ton of camping spots, rustic camping facilities all around. we are asking for $15 a head for the weekend($8 an overnight) to offset all the usual costs of an event. VERY IMPORTANT! those that are under 18 must have a parent or legal guiardian in attendance. if that is not possible then we need a written permission form from such patent or guirdian ahead of time so that we can confirm the infomration. please drop a line if you are planning on attending so we can plan accordingly. hope to see folks there! bb,

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    hmmmmmmm pretty interesting.........

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    Ah, lets stay focused here folks. We are about liberty and civil rights. This is BS. Don't be suckered into this.
    Jim Burgess
    NRA Lifetime

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