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Thread: My first full day of Open Carry in Roanoke VA

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    I can't pass for LEO off duty, so I did get the turned heads. I always try to show respect, and be polite anyway, so I didn't hear or see anything other than some big eyed stares. All in all, a good start I think. A close friend that I was with for a short while, gave me a double take when I stopped by and asked why I was carrying, and said he was on the same page with me, just didn't have the nerve to do it himself. I have CC'd for some time, and OC here and there, but feel there's no time like the present to jump in head first.

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    AimSmall wrote:
    ...but feel there's no time like the present to jump in head first.
    Nice work.

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    Congratulations on taking the plunge!

    stay safe.

    "He'll regret it to his dying day....if ever he lives that long."----The Quiet Man

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    Here is the perfect example of what OC'ing for the first time is like.

    Take getting into a swimming pool for the first time that day to be the example

    The first moment you approach the pool you are scared stiff about how cold it might be. And indeed, when you first jump in you are freezing your ass off.

    After a while the water starts to get warmer as you get used to it.

    Then you wonder why you were so scared to jump in in the first place.

    Eventually you are perfectly acclimated to the water and couldn't see yourself not being in the water.

    Now when you leave the water you'll be freezing your ass off again.

    When you first OC it can be a little unnerving, but once you get the hang of it you'll never want to conceal again. You'll never want to be unarmed again either, and when you are, you'll feel naked.


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