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Thread: Holster for a holster for a Ruger p91dc

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    I have had little to no luck finding a holster for my Ruger. I find them for just about every other make. I dont want to mare the finish on my weapon, so a formed holster would be prefered. Anyone know of a good option.

    PS I really just started looking around online. I havent tried Gander Mntn or Cabellas yet. Interested in other preferences also
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    I have a Ruger P94DC and bought one of these I Like it a lot. It's light weight, an axact fit AND it's only $12.99 plus shipping, which takes less than a week.
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    I carry my Ruger P89 in a Don Hume open top. Holster is a bit beat up, but thefinish on the gun seems fine. Personally, I think a little "holster rub" adds character to a gun.

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