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Thread: PIttsburgh, which zones are "more dangerous""? Has to do with the PD menality...

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    I called Zone 2, they were nice as could be respectful. Even when I was there last year when one momentarily detained me because they didn't know OC was legal. Never had a problem, even while jogging in the morning past officers where they were posted.

    Unfortunately if you've read my past post on Zone 3 there was an officer Pedley who cuffed me, searched me, acted out of personal belief wasting time of many other officers who reported on scene.

    I just got off the phone with one of the night supervisors for Zone 3 and his voice was... he was down talking me... :/ okay I probably deserved that one since I wasn't defensive about it.

    I received a, "use some common sense sir, you're stupid if you open carry a firearm in a crowd in Pittsburgh where someone, whether a kid, drunk, or others can take the firearm away from you and use it against you or another person. If three large people confronted you they wouldn't only take your gun but the pants to go along with it."

    "Nobody in Pennsylvania knows open carry is legal and we'd get 3000 calls because you're open carrying. People don't expect anyone to open carry except uniformed officers." He goes on like this for almost 5 minutes, mainly going on how "stupid" it is to open carry. The total call lasted 16 minutes.

    to quote, "If you open carry in Pittsburgh on July 4th in a crowd of people, expect to be detained, cuffed, frisked, your information and firearm serial ran"... He also went on how making a group of people afraid would could even be a charge of disorderly conduct I'm grow weary of people making up stuff as they go along. After he stated such... I was shocked silent, probably intentional on his part. I did manage to create in him an emotional response after such, though it seems to be natural for me. :quirky

    I tell him I corrected the Allegheny Sheriff's office since they were telling people open carry was illegal, I can almost feel him rolling his eyes.

    He did state he was going to send out an email to all the supervisors in each zone regarding my calling of the Zone 2 and 3 supervisors.

    Though, he probably knows the incident with Pedley hence "sticking up" for the unlawful acting officer.

    It seems Zone 3 supervisors, I called day shift earlier, all believe they can legally detain, cuff, and run all the information they have on your person. The reason I called night shift is the officer Pedley who unlawfully detained me last year was on the night shift, which I didn't realize until earlier today when the day shift supervisor corrected me.

    Pittsburgh Zone Map

    EDIT: To add one last thing...

    The people who pick up the phone in Zone 2 was actually where I learned a some phone etiquette last year. I interrupted a receptionist or officer who was speaking and she told me I was acting rude and wouldn't speak until I stopped. Since then I've observed my own phone etiquette and have waited until the other person is done speaking... Low and behold a supervisor for zone 3 interrupted me in every other sentence when I was speaking... I'd not expect this from someone in a management position. Usually pompous a$$ed IT staff like myself pull the BOFH moves.

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    I must admit, I don't find any particular part of Pittsburgh to be "dangerous", but I'm kind of dangerous myself.

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