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Thread: Utah now has extended domain for cars and parking lot preemption

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    Today, Tuesday, May 12, 2009 two new gun laws of interest went into effect in Utah.

    SB78S2 is Utah's version of parking lot preemption. With rare exception (religious employers, employers such as chemical plants subject to DHS federal regs, etc), employers may NOT maintain nor enforce any gun ban that extends to the inside of a private car parked in the company parking lot. The gun must be out of sight and when not occupied the car must be locked.

    The actual code can be read at <>.

    Also going into effect today and probably of more interest to visitors to Utah is our first stab at "extended domain" or permit-free car carry. HB357S1 allows non-prohibited persons 18 years of age and older to carry a loaded and/or concealed handgun in a car without needing a permit. Long guns may also be carried concealed in a car without a permit, but must remain unloaded. The final language of this bill can be read at <>.

    The law as it now reads can be found at:
    <>, and

    Please note that Utah still does not (yet) allow carrying a "loaded" or concealed firearm in public outside your car without a permit. Utah "unloaded" (no round in chamber, but fully charged magazine inserted ok) OC is legal.

    IANAL, YMMV, For informational purposes only, etc, etc, etc.

    Charles Hardy

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    Nice step forward! I'm jealous of the parking lot law.

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