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Thread: Moving to Ringgold GA from FL

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    I'm 22 in a couple days and have been carrying concealed almost a year here in FL.

    I'm moving to Ringgold GA next week sometime and was wondering if i could OC/CC with my Florida permit there?

    I tryed the Ringgold Police dept. she did'nt have any answers, then the sheriff's office, then some other number the chick from the sheriff's office gave me. It seems they have no idea, and some did not even know what i was refering to when i said

    ME: "Yes, im calling to ask about your carry laws"...

    Chick on phone : "I have no idea what your talking about"

    ME :"lol'ing"... "Firearm laws"

    Seems like you must say FIREARM LAWS for them to understand anything. found it kind of amusing. Figured you guys on here know more about the laws than the police do :quirky. So someone educate me please. Seems like the police can't give me a direct answer.

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    Welcome to GA. Check out for the laws in plain English.

    When you get your DL, immediately go to the county probate court and apply for your GFL. You may have to go disarmed on your person until your GFL arrives. You can still keep a weapon in your car as long as you're eligible for a GFL. You must have a GFL on you to carry a weapon (OC or CC).

    And please look into joining as they're the finest gun rights group in the State.

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