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Thread: Did record-setting NRA convention deter anti-gunners?

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    Did record-setting NRA convention cement decline of anti-gun lobby?

    The Seattle Gun Rights Examiner is back from Phoenix

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    The NRA convention's success and the current climate should mark a decline in pandering to anti-gun interests - that is to say, politicians who either don't care about guns or know better but pander to an anti-gun constituency for votes. This is simply a result of the supposed anti-gun constituencies not being as much of an electoral factor as the increasingly noisy pro-gun crowd. The pro-gun crowd is perhaps the only (apologies to libertarians and pro-gun progressives here) right-wing grassroots effort that truly stomps on the proverbial terra. It is impressive.

    The convention's success will, however, have zero effect on people who have an emotional hatred for guns or gun owners, or those who are ideologically driven to disarm civilians - some of whom, like our dear friends Carolyn McCarthy and Charles Schumer, hold office.

    Unfortunately, in a republic, there is not a 1:1 relationship between what the People want and what the People get. If anything, I'd say now is the time to step up our game, and I encourage people to join the NRA, or, if they have problems with the NRA (as some do), GOA, and everyone here should ideally be a member of the AZCDL if you care about what is going on, gun-wise, in the State of Arizona.

    These organizations do the "hard" work to ensure the government recognizes (does not infringe) the birthright we all have to own a weapon for defensive purposes. Dealing with politicians and submitting paperwork is not very exciting, not to mention reporting on and analyzing the sometimes byzantine political process, but these are necessary, and these organizations do that work for us.

    If indeed the anti-gun crowd is down for the count, now is the time for a submission hold, not letting up.

    Saddle up!

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