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Thread: Just moved to Lees Summit

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    I just moved over from Olathe, Ks, I have been OCing in Lees Summt since I got here with no problems I even walked by a cop, did she even notice I dont know. Im sure im the only PC Tech that works with a glock on his side. My custmers seem to ask where they can get one more than anything and so far no complaints, of course who is gonna complain LOL :celebrate

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    I also live in Lees Summit....I'm thinking she didnt see you were carrying.......most of the LS officers,know how to write tickets,ect.............not much else!If she noticed she probably would have called in reinforcements and started their typical questions....there may be a few that actually know the city ordinances allow open carry,but most dont,and if they do know..............thats info they dont share or ackknowlegde.
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    Make sure you guys have digital recorders.

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