bnKrazy wrote:
For a long time I wanted to know if a restaurant or business was pro or anti gun. I'd like to spend my money at locations that support the RKBA. There was no easy way to find out if a place was pro or anti gun, so I wrote a web application to help track that info.

This has been posted and in use for a while now in the VA forum, and we have ~250 businesses in VA listed so far.

There's no log in required. Just follow the instructions on the main page and add business page to add businesses that are pro or anti gun.

The tool will remember the location and radius to search (saved in a cookie on your machine, not the server) and will return to the saved area both when you revisit the site and after you add a business.

More features are coming soon, as well as possibly a WM or iPhone app.

Let me know if you have any issues or questions, and feedback is always welcome. <--in the general discussion forum

I just though this would get more attention per state if it was posted in our state section, this thing is great and I think everyone has been waiting for it!