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Thread: CWP expiring and I'm not worried.

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    For almost 20 years I have had a Concealed Weapons Permit. Before Lousiana began issuing State-wide permits I appliedfor the Parish (county) permit from my local sherrif.

    Since finding this site over a year ago I've been Open Carrying daily almost exclusively. I say ALMOST because there are rare times that I still conceal. The thing is, most of the places I now conceal are considered off limits under our State CWP.

    Here's an example. In Louisiana it's illegal for a CWP permitee to CC in any establishment which serves alcohol to be consumed on premises.. There is some debate over this but the point is that until case law is made I am not allowed to CC at most resturants. I don't drink alcohol. So it's not an issue of me getting drunk. Yet even though I don't drink I can't leagally concealcarry into my favorite Mexican buffet resturant or even most major chains. It's also illegal to OC.

    Now, I have a choice to make. Do I leave my gun in my car when going to my favorite resturants or do I become a criminal and illegally coceal my weapon? I don't believe in "Holy Ground". That being places where criminals won't strike because ofthe general public wanting to have some unrealistic sense of safety. So I tuck my weapon under my clothes and CC where my permitsays I shouldn't.

    Another example. For some reason the State of Louisiana has decided that churches are truly Holy Ground. No CCin churches at all.Even inlight of several church shootings over the years.I don't oftenattend church services but, like most people, sometimes find myself on church property for various reasons. Again, I canleave my gun in the caror I canillegally conceal my defensive weapon.I have always taken the criminal route and conceal carried.

    I could go on and on with examples. The point is that over the last year or so I've learned the rights of Open Carry and discovered that the few places where OC is not allowed, CC generally isn't allowed either. Since I don't ever know where and when I may need a weapon to defend myself I choose to carry everywhere I'm able.

    Some could argue that I should renew my CWP anyway. I have considered that. I've inquired about classes locally and I'm sureyou would not be suprised to learn that most classes are booked up. Even if I could find a class, the cost of the class and the cost of the renewal is money I need to put elsewhere. I could renew my CWP or use that couple of hundred dollars to pay my bills. Hummmm.... not a hard decision.

    So there it is. After 2 decades of begging my local and State governments for permission to hide my gun in select areas I have decided to go a different way. I will Open Carry everywhere legal and when faced with the choice of being unarmed or CCing I will decide on a case by case basis and go with what I feel necessary.

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    I commend you on your decision to take full responsibility for your own safety. I just hope you are willing to take full responsibility for your actions if you are caught. Maybe if more people stopped asking for permission to exercise their Constitutional rights, the powers-that-be would remember that they work for us.

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    Comments? I may or may not agree with your choices.

    However I'd advice not admitting to ANYTHING publicly here on OCDO, and I'm sure this site has rules against discussing illegal activity, no matter how much we disagree with current laws.

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