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Thread: The East Idaho OC log

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    OK, Feel free to jump in with your experiences, East- Idahoans. Lets get some OC places for people to know about. Heres my list, from what I can remember:

    First and Foremost (thus far) would be Smiths Food and Drug in Idaho Falls. I was in there for almost an hour yesterday. VERY friendly, and not an eyelid has been raised.

    Dr. James Brooke- Trust me, this guy is Very friendly to the 2A, and very personable to his patients. Also, he doesn't do insurance (so you'll have to do your own paperwork), charges up front, and his prices are TONS better than if you did use insurance.

    Scenic Falls FCU.. Been good so far. the tellers seem nice enough. I think the last lady I talked to did let out a sigh of relief as I turned and left. Just to make sure it wasnt anything, I Stopped and looked at their Repo list, and still nothing.

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    Walmarts.. The Westside one was a Huge issue. Theyre the reason I found and joined this site. I was harassed by one of the Asst. Mngrs. to the point he got through my otherwise tough skin.
    The Ammon Walmart has been great. Once (at 3am) one lady asked if "that was a cell phone". I was already rounding the corner, so I didnt bother stopping to acknowledge her.

    Every C-store Ive been in around here has been fine. No problems to report.

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    I OC around Idaho falls and in Twin Falls when i'm on my guard weekends.

    OCed at the Idaho Falls zoo with my wife and kids. Got part way through our visit when an employee came up to me and we had this exchange.

    Zoo BOy:Sir what is that? (pointing at my hip)

    me Its my Pistol

    Zoo BOy: well.. ah.. do you have ah..

    me a permit? you don't need a permit to carry a gun.

    Zoo BOy: well do you have a permit?

    Me I have one but like i said i don't need it to carry.

    Zoo BOy: Well i'm a city employee so i need to see your permit.

    me thats BS but i'll humor you here it is, now have a nice day.(walked away)

    After OCing for a year this was my first encounter were someone questioned me.

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    I was in Home Depot today for about 40 min... Nothing to report.

    Multiple trips through WinCo. Nothing.

    P.S.-Geez, Its really great that this area is so tolerant of OC (I do like not getting flak), but this is becoming the most boring thread Ive ever done.

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