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Thread: Irresponsible shooting on roads and hiker trails in Olympia State Forest - need help

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    The Capitol State Forest near Olympia, Washington is used by a large number of target shooters free of charge. Some of the less responsible users have given the responsible shooters a black eye by engaging in unsafe shooting practices, vandalism, and dumping of garbage. The legislature could implement a "solution" such as closing down the forest to shooters. It is my hope that the more responsible shooters would be willing to volunteer to help solve these problems before someone gets shot, and the Washington State Legislature imposes their own "solution".

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    There is a lot of irresponsible activity at "The Pit", mostly why I refuse to go there any longer. One can only push their luck for so long before they are a victim of someone else's stupidity. The only reason I would say we should help get this taken care of is for good publicity, and so these morons can keep their pit and the rest of us can find other, more private areas elsewhere to shoot without having to deal with the lowest common denominator of people.

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