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Thread: Take incident recording to the next level

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    No wires.

    Multiple attachment options.

    Stealth mode.

    Pre-record save option.

    No price listed...

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    There are a LOT of hidden cameras available these days. I personally now carry a mini tape recorder, a hidden video camera, and a sony camera that takes audio and video.

    It is sad that I don't consider this to be over kill.
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    Now if only I could get a hidden audio/video camera in my BMWAG hat or my GSL button...

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      • Low light capability
      • Enhanced image quality
      • 4 GB memory
      • 4 hour recording time
      • VGA 640 x 480 video
      • 30 frames per second
      • Color video & audio
      • Tri-clip design
      • Waterproof - IPX 5
      • Low memory LED indicator
      • Low battery LED indicator
      • Green design - RoHS, WEEE
      • On/Off switch protects lens
      • Windows 2000, XP, Vista & MAC compatible
      • Download via USB

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    Flip records are high def and pretty good price

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