As far as getting the Coluseum to remove the illegal rule, another step we can take is to get ahold of the candidates that will be there:
Bob McDonnell for Governor
2819 North Parham Road Suite 210
Richmond, Virginia 23294
(804) 612.9111
Bill Bollings
Lieutenant Governor
Commonwealth of Virginia
2819 N Parham Rd | Suite 220
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone: (804) 612-9122
Eric Cantor
H-307 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-0197

Call them and e-mail them.

Find out what they are doing to get rid of this illegal rule BEFORE the convention takes place.

Let them know this would be a good start and a good time for them to show their support for gun rights.

Lay on those phone lines and don't let up.

Let them know you will carry and you expect them to help knock down illegal rules and ordinances.