I know this may be a semi-useless post, but I thought it would be good nonetheless, since my last OC-at-a-mall experience was not the best. This time was much better.

I had a few items I wanted to return to Sears at the Orange Mall, off of Tustin & Meats. I walked in, took care of business (about 15 mins or so) and headed out. Surprisingly, no security or LEO visits. A floor manager and 2 cashiers were at the customer service counter. All were friendly and didn't give a second glance.

Funny thing is... I remember my dad talking about how he bought a rifle or two at Sears back in the day. Why don't they sell rifles anymore?

On a side note... I've also carried at the Panera Bread there multiple times without issue. It's where the GF's family meets up after church goings. Their breakfast sangwiches are awesome.