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Thread: OT: Wilderness instructor belt for sale

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    I'm selling a brand new Wilderness Original Instructor Belt. I ordered it too big and would just like to sell it and get another one. The specs on it are: 43", OD Green, steel buckle, 5 stitch (for extra stiffness while carrying a sidearm). I have the original tag that was attached to the belt when it arrived. This belt is in perfect condition and I personally think it is just a great belt. I've worn it a couple of times but I just can't cinch it up just the way I like it. I'm asking $55.00 for it because the extra stitching is extra and to cover my shipping cost. With this belt, you want to make sure that you wear at least a 43" belt or pant size already. I made a mistake when I ordered it so it is too big for me.
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