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Thread: Open carried again today

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    still not super comfortable with carrying in businessess, but i had to go get my oil changed today and i didnt want to leave the gun in the car while the car was out of my control... so i strapped it on...

    got looked at funny by the guy working on the car... he asked me "what kind of work do you do?"... he was a bit weird after i told him i did IT work... ithink he expected to hear that i was a cop...

    one lady was out side on a bench reading a book... she stared at me kinda funny for a few minutes but never said anything...

    other than that no one noticed at the oil change place...

    no one said anything at the gas station after that either...

    for me this is one of those things that i have to get used to a step at a time... ive been carrying regularly every time i go to the range... but just out and about, its still something that takes getting used to...

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    took me a while to get used to as well. i couldnt help but to notice every single person who would glare at me in walmart, gas station lines, grocery store, anywhere.

    now im used to it. plus ppl tend to stare at me anyway because of my fairly uncommon atire like wearing pink ties or bright vivid colored polo shirts, and spikey hair, and of course my energetic flamboyant heterosexual personality! lol

    but yeah you get used to it after a handful of trips. just be prepared for when the sheeps catch you off guard with their barrage of questions.


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